Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And The Winner Is. . . Oct 2009

. . .drum roll!

First place goes to:  John Calypso - because he said 'healthy' cookies.

A VERY close second place goes to:  Norm - because he correctly identified them as cookies and surely these cookies do have flour, nuts, and butter in them.  No sugar.

And third place goes to:  Sparky because he correctly identified the town where they exist.  Now, is that fair, since he was actually there at the time?  I'll leave it up to ya'll.

These awesome cookies can be found on a regular basis in the village of Tapalpa at a panaderia that not one of us can recall the name of.  No surprise.

They are so healthy that they are almost a cracker.  Made with whole wheat flour, nuts and seeds and with only a little honey.  They have but a hint of sweetness, and are nonetheless crispy, crunchy, and delish.

The 3 women bakers have wonderful imaginations and are very creative, I would call them pastry chefs. They've obviously been professionally trained somewhere.

I've eaten there 3 times now, had a variety of goodies, and not been disappointed in anything so far.  They tend to use way less sugar and goo than normal Mexican panaderias.

These women have the AUDACITY to cool their baked goods on a dutch door shelf, just like grandma used to do, and one hardly needs directions from the plaza. 

To get there, start at the plaza, and walk about one block east on Morelos, which runs off the plaza.  Close to the DIF.

Follow your nose!!!

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  1. Sometimes it takes a health nut to recognize a healthy nut ;-)