Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Is This Policewoman Smiling? Oct 2009

It's been a week since I've blogged and I'm back - refreshed, inspired, and full of good new material.

So!  Why IS this policewoman smiling?  I know why. . .

Ok, I'll let you in on it.

First let me say, I'm a paramedic and after working many years in urban California EMS. . .I know a practical joke when I see one in the works!

While waiting on the street corner for my visiting friend Steph to finish taking some pictures in Ajijic, an evolving scenario caught my eye.

See the cop truck on the left, parked neatly at the curb?  About 5 minutes prior to this photo 2 beefy cops parked it there, got out, locked it, turned on their portable radios, and proceeded to walk to the tianguis (open air market) for a bit of downtime cruising and shopping.  Steph, who had been my paramedic partner in California, and I smiled to each other in remembrance of all the fairs and Art and Wine Festivals where we had done the same thing. 

Fast forward 5 minutes. . .

Cop car on the right pulls up and female cop exits the truck.  She then plants herself as look-out on the corner.  Male cop exits the vehicle and purposefully walks directly to the squad truck on the left, inserts long wire down the window into the door, and unlocks the vehicle.  He was IN this car in no more than 2 minutes!!!  Maybe 1.

While he sits in the car, 2 scenarios come to mind:

1.  He will sabotage the vehicle for his co-workers.  Jell the door handles, balance a bowl of water or flour on the visor, turn on all the radios to full volume, windshield wipers, all sirens and lights, and anything else he can think of to startle and embarrass his fellow cops when they turn on the ignition.

2.  Or he is going to move the vehicle and hide it.

I went over to talk to the female cop who chuckled and conspiratorially confirmed that a practical joke was in the works.  Some things never change.  And as they say. . .paybacks are a bitch.

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