Friday, October 16, 2009

New Money! But wait. . . Oct. 2009

Have you seen our new 
Mexican 200 peso note yet?

It's pretty.

Green and rose colors, with finely detailed art work,
paying tribute to Miguel Hidalgo the father of independence
and cleverly secure from counterfeiters.

Even the Virgin de Guadalupe is pictured.

How cool.

The Banco de Mexico has issued only 50 million of these notes
in order to commemorate the upcoming bicentennial and
the 100 year anniversary of the start of
the Mexican Revolution.

They are expected to become collectors items. . .

Hold it! 

There is a naked lady on it!!!



  1. The moment I get a 200 peso note, it goes into th maid's pocket. I may as well be married.

  2. I like the new bills that are coming out for "El Bicentenario". Have you seen the 100 peso note? It has a train and a barely visible image of an "Adelita". I hope they come out with new bills for all of the denominations.

  3. Is this for real? It´s printed vertically?

  4. Vertical/horizontal - gotta love Mexico for the colors. Naked Lady Pesos! Would NEVER fly in the uptight North.

  5. Steve - THAT is a shame. It's not true, is it?

    Leslie - No, I haven't seen the 100 bill, been looking for it. Maybe it hasn't made it down from Guad yet. . . Is it pretty too?

    Felipe - Si, señor, es verdad. How else could you do justice to a naked lady?

    Calypso - Ain't it the truth!!!