Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ricky Rain Oct 2009

Who would think we'd be getting any fallout from Ricky,
being so far away and all.  But we are.

Sunday I was at Barb's house on the lake in San Cristóbal on the
south shore, and the wind was whippin'.  Churning up the lake and
producing not just white caps, but full-on 'surf's up!' waves. 
I had to wrap in a blanket - and that was IN the house. 
The roof tiles were chattering and some mysterious
fluttering noise was coming from the corner of the ceiling. 
Windows and doors were all open and it was wonderful.

That was Sunday, Monday was a 'nothing special' day weather wise.
Until last night. 

It's now 10AM, Tuesday, it is still raining and it rained most of the night.
Judging by my bird feeder/fountain/dengue petri dish,
we have received about an inch of rain from Ricky, total. 
It's not over yet.

Waiting to hear from Nancy in Mazatlan for her
report on Ricky. 
Nancy, you got some 'splain' to do!  Hope y'all are ok.



  1. The weather this week has been vey odd. We just ha a downpour that lasted maybe a half hour. But the streets are impassable in some parts of the town.

  2. Sorry, with the power out and all the cleanup I didn't hear your shout out! But all is well in Mazatlan, although I hear that Isla de la Piedra (Stone Island) really took a beating. Most of the palapa restaurants were destroyed. Here's my post on the event.