Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On The Other Hand Oct 2009

 Good advice from Calypso, just what I did. . .

 These were the things on my To Do list for yesterday:
  •  Take car in for brakes
  • Rake the yard
  • Bathe the dog
  • See the Derm doc
  • Pick up boombox - even tho it has not been fixed and I can't find the guy
Who wouldn't crawl under a blankie with a Things-To-Do-Today list like that one!
Only thing lacking is root canal.

On The Other Hand. . .

Xmas card:  Gigi Taylor 2008
  • Good Snowbird friends start arriving in 4 days.  Woohoo!
  • I live in Mexico where everyday is an adventure.
  • Road Trip on Friday with the pals - AND shopping.
  • To Do Lists are made to become Not Done Lists.
  • Life is good, and I'm a lucky girl!!!


  1. I prefer your second list. That is the 12-year old in me responding.

  2. Steve, sometimes it's good to be 12.

    Second list is the real one.