Friday, January 7, 2011

The Broom Man of San Luis Soyatlan Jan 2011

His tiny shop is right on the careterra,
you will pass it as you drive through town.
Prices are good.

He's cute, he's charming, he has lots of cool brooms
and baskets and stuff just inside his little doorway.

One caveat . . . ladies, stay out of arms reach!


  1. Beautiful picture Runner, I love your perspective on life.

  2. Thank you, Rick. Muy amable. Are you here?

  3. I assume I would have no worries if I visted his shop.

  4. I am NOB at this time and have not been SOB for over a year. That's why I love reading all the bolgs of good times and bad down there.

    My plans are wide open and indefinite - hopefully get moving soon.

  5. Great photo amiga - it says a lot.