Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old Buzzards - Roosting Jan 2011

Every morning  this group - or a reasonable facsimile -
meet in the Portales off the plaza in Jocotepec for coffee.

They , ok, ok, WE never lie or tell stories out-of-school.
Nor engage in simpy gossip.

Only the good slimy stuff!

Some of the pals. . .


  1. JeJe, Old Farts look the same all over the world....
    In Patzcuaro, they have heavy jackets though...

  2. Do I see Roy Reynolds in there? Hard to tell because old guys all look the same.

  3. No, Felipe, they weren't there that day.
    I hear lately they are in the states.
    You should probably catch up with them when you get a chance. . .

  4. Nice to have a destination on a sunny day...