Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Quiz Jan 2011

A few months ago there was an accident here at the lake
involving a construction project, an overloaded truck,
and the tragic death of a young mother.

The open top truck was hauling large rocks from one
location to be dumped at another.

As it passed along the highway, one of the rocks dislodged
and fell onto another vehicle also traveling on the highway.
The woman, who was a passenger in the back of a pickup,
was struck by the rock and killed.

A mandate was then ordered that trucks hauling these
rocks had to be covered.
The trucks loads were then covered with tarps.

What was used to secure the tarps in place on the trucks?
And why?

In no way is this meant to be humorous or to diminish the loss
of life of this young mother and wife - rather to foster an
understanding of Mexico and how she operates. 

So, can you guess?
Leave your answers below in the comments section
and I will give you the answer after sufficient responses have
been left.


  1. I'm gonna guess that other rocks are used to secure the tarp, because that's what's available.

  2. I'm with Jeff. It just has to be large rocks.

  3. Probably other garbage that will fall off and do the same thing....don't forget not much changes down here.

  4. From living in Mexico for awhile, I am going to guess cotton twine. Augustine over at Viva Mexico says to also watch for rocks between the double tires - either pass or stay waaaay behind.

  5. Have to agree with more rocks!

  6. Put me down for more rocks. Maybe inside an old tire.

  7. Hahaha, you guys are smart AND funny!

    The answer is. . .ba dump bump. . .ROCKS! Of course. As Jeff said, they are available. And they are FREE!

    Ok, Rick, I'm turning you in to Child Protective Services. Oh wait, there isn't any. . .

    Too funny.

  8. Well the idea was to tarp the load so I think the workers will have a concern due to the fate of the poor mother but lack of resources would probably mean a plastic sheet from some construction material which would prove not much of a may to stop the rocks. Certainly nothing would be purchased.