Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laaaaaaaaalo! Jan 2011

Every Thursday is tianguis (tee yan' gees) day in Jocotepec
and I go almost every week since it comes to within
two blocks of my house.

I have my favorite vendors, oh yes I do!
Allow me to introduce you to one of them.

Here's Lalo. . .

This picture was  taken a few months ago, a sunny day,
Lalo in great form, enjoying the company of his kids.

Lalo is a payaso (clown)!
He sings, he dances, and sometimes I go to the tianguis just to see Lalo.

He knows four words in English and the minute he sees me coming
he shouts them out for all the world to hear.
That's it.
He never fails to reduce me to a pile of giggles.

Today, Lalo wasn't so happy.
It's winter and he was cold and people aren't spending like usual.
Everybody, actually, is a little worried about the lack of spending.
Money is tight right now.

Here's what he has to offer. . .

Yogurt, yogurt tubes, gorditas, queso fresco, queso panela,
and queso Oaxaca.  Three types of Mexican cheese.

Those cups and pint containers are called 'chongo'
or something like that.  Chongo means monkey
and I am completely and utterly confused about this product.
I have tasted it and am not so enthused about it,
maybe that's why I haven't bothered to learn more about it.
Help me out here, guys. . .Leslie!!!

Crackers and cheese to taste and homemade, delicious,
(and not very greasy) chorizo. 

The green tortillas are made of Nopal and are yummy
and VERY good for our health.
The tub of cheese is Requesón, much like Ricotta.

More yogurt, yummy flavors but pretty sweet,
and 2 kinds of very tasty whole-grain breakfast rolls.



  1. Ours is also two blocks from the house. But, in two years, I have been there twice.

  2. I believe chAngo with an A is monkey.
    Chongo is a milk thing that is cooked for 6 or 7 hrs.; but that is all I know about it. chongos zamoranos is the proper name I think.
    ah here is a link to where Mexicobob wrote about it.

  3. Thank you, Brenda! Well, I guess I'd better try it again, it sounds better than I thought it tasted. Do you like it???

  4. The stuff looks good. Were I there, I'd buy something.

  5. Agree with Felipe. Everything looks yummy and I'd buy something.

    Are all of his products homemade? How does the yogurt withstand being unrefrigerated?

  6. Felipe - You COULD be here. Pack up la Señora Hermosa and your toothbrushes and come on down!
    Roy and Sue would probably love to see you too.

  7. No, I have never tried it and actually I don't even remember seeing it around here.
    My favorite snack is Churros and Champurrado in the wintertime. So good.

  8. Brenda - what is Champurrado? Don't think I've ever even heard of it.

    Barb - no, I believe he is a reseller. But I think most of his products are homemade and the others, like the tortillas, come from small businesses. Mexicans don't refrigerate everything like we do in the north.

    He lives in Guad and travels to various tianguis in the area.

  9. Champurrado is a thick chocolately, cinnamony, sweet hot drink they have here in the winter time. Kind of like a atole drink. It is yummy and very filling.
    We have a churro truck that comes through our neighbourhood sometimes I am thinking I should ask him if he sells Champurrado also, maybe I can get him thinking and then I can get them both together lol.

  10. Sorry I made it so late. Chongos Zamoranos are made with milk. The first time I tried them, I wasn't too sure what they were, so I wasn't to thrilled with them. Then once my suegra explained what they were, I tried them again. Still didn't like them too much. I guess they're an acquired taste.

    As for the champurrado that Brenda mentioned, I do have a recipe

  11. Leslie - thanks for weighing in on this Chongo dilemma. I agree, it must be an acquired taste!
    I'll look for the champurrado, now that I know about it. Thanks for the link!