Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ROAD TRIP Dog Food Express 2006

After returning to Ajijic from La Manzanilla and Jorge, I could talk of nothing else. Some of my animal friends came up with a suggestion to collect donated dog food and bring it down to him. Never did I imagine that we would collect enough to fill the back of my 4Runner! Thanks to Lila Kawananakoa and Dr. Antonio Ladron DVM, Lila and I were on our way within the month.

We surprised Jorge, who got teary and confessed he didn't know how he was going to feed the dogs this week, until now!

Job well done!


In 2007, on my way from Sayulita to visit friends in Melaque, I stopped to visit with Jorge only to find he and all the animals were gone. Well. . .except for one rooster running around saying WTF?

A man stopped me and said Jorge had sold the land and he and his animals had moved inland along a river. I was not able to find him, but will continue to keep an ear to the ground to try to find out more about what has happened to him.

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