Thursday, July 30, 2009

Safeway - Joco Style July 2009

Produce Prices In The Joco Mercado for July 29, 2009
Prices in pesos, prices by the kilo (2.2 lbs), and on this date we received
13.2 pesos to 1 US dollar. Do the math.

A couple of mornings a week I stroll the 5 short blocks from my house, exchanging pleasantries with my neighbors along the way, to el centro to do some food shopping. I like to start with fruits and vegetables at the daily mercado. Produce arrives to these stalls daily from Mercado Abastos (the giant wholesale produce center) in Guadalajara and is so fresh that most of it was picked the night before or that morning.

This is what part of the mercado looks like from above:

My favorite vendor is Sylvia.

My favorite butcher is Guillermo. I buy lean bacon thick cut to my preference and chicken-apple, chicken-mango sausage when he makes it.

My favorite chicken lady. Look how plump and yellow these chickens are, delicious too.
She grinds fresh, skinless, breast meat for 70 pesos/kilo.

Then on to the Oso Cremeria for turkey bacon, skim milk, sesame seed bagels,
and cheddar cheese. Saul does a great job of finding and carrying imported foods for us.
All I have to do is ask.

And to the Oso abarrote for some honey mustard and Caesar salad dressing.

A bag of bones for the dog.

And a bag of pan roasted peanuts in the shell for the walk home.

My shopping bags for today contained:

Ten -1/2 inch thick slices of bacon - 15 pesos or $1.13 US.
A kilo of ground skinless chicken breast 70 pesos/kilo or $2.65 US per lb.
2 - 1.5 liter salad dressings @ 44 pesos each 88 pesos or $6.66 US
dog bones 6 @ 1 peso each 6 pesos or $ .45 US
Oops, dog bones are only 6 for a peso or $ .10 US
peanuts 10 pesos 1/2 kilo10 pesos or $ .75 US
liter of skim milk 13.00 pesos or $ .98 US
1 papaya 6 pesos or $ .45 US
6 small bananas 6 pesos or $ .45 US
2 yellow potatoes 8 pesos or $ .60 US
large head of romaine lettuce 8 pesos or $ .60
6 STALKS of celery 5 pesos or $ .38
4 cucumbers 4 pesos or $ .30
6 carrots 5 pesos or $ .38

REVISED TOTAL: 195 pesos or $14.80 US


  1. Hey M,
    Just 14 weeks until we come home to Joco! Can't wait.
    We're having a heatwave here 34+ every day. Living in the 5th wheel where we have air conditioning. Checked the temp at Joco and got even more homesick. See you soon. Sonia, Dave and Tai.

  2. Yay! See you in a few months. Miss you guys.