Friday, July 17, 2009

ROAD TRIP - San Jose de Gracias - Mazamitla - Valle de Juarez June 2009

The phone rang. . .
"Let's Go Somewhere!" Said Kathi.
"Yeah! Let's go! Where you wanna go?" I responded.
"I dunno."

"Where you wanna go?"
"I dunno."

"What direction?"
"I dunno."

"You guys are a pain in the butt!"

"Ok, meet Jonnie and me at the Pemex and we'll go pick Barb up."


It's not easy being the driver, and by default - Fun Captain for the day - but Kathi does it with such assurance and efficiency it's hard to want to take over that responsibility. She NEVER misses a tope, drives really well, will go and do ANYTHING (and that's huge!), has a nice car that is safe and doesn't use a lot of gas, speaks fluent Spanglish, and is really fun to hang out with. Today - once again - she was it.

The Cast of Characters.

Pvt Hopkins receiving orders from Sgt Major Hoffman at a clandestine location
deep in the Mexican highlands.

"Ok, lets head up toward Mazamitla and take all the dirt (reality check - MUD) roads we can find." FC said.
"Works for me." I said
"Works for me too." Said Jonnie
"Yeah, I'm in." Said Barb.

We piled out of Kathi's car at the first stop - Valle de Juarez.
Hey! I said it was a safe car. . .

Beautiful Valle plaza.

Fun Captain. Trying to ditch us again.
You can't take your eye off her for a second.

Pretty roses next to an ancient house.

Up to Mazamitla for lunch at the roadhouse La Troje.
Great food, handsome waiters, hunky pictures of hunky guys in the 'Ladies Room'. . .
what more could a girl ask for!

A photo is worth a thousand words. . .

Is this a papaya?
Looks like the jury is still out.

Next stop:
San José de Gracias.

Buddy Holly in his previous life.

What a beauty!

These primarily agricultural and ranching mountain villages are great shopping for cheeses, fresh fruit preserves, candies, honey, ponche (a deliciously rich homemade eggnog-like alcoholic drink),
fruit trees, and anything made of wood.

Pretty bag lady, with pretty braid!

I told you I was a geek. You can take the girl out of EMS
but you can never take the EMS out of the girl.

The End.


  1. What are the road conditions getting to Mazamitla?

  2. Hi Ruth,
    Not so hot. It's doable, tho muddy, and with poor detour signage. You can also get there by going to the big town all the way east on the south shore, Suhuayo, and then going up the highway to Mazamitla.
    Or go to Tapalpa instead.
    Buen viaje.

  3. The restaurant is named La Troje not Las Truchas.
    Budy Holly... LOL.

    Nice trip, you may return to Mazamitla in the future and visit: Mazamitla 360°

  4. Hey segajoel! Thanks for the correction and for sending your website. Good one! Also good to consult for future trips to Mazamitla. Can't wait until the road is done. . .