Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sayulita June 2006 to July 2007 June 2009

I lived in Sayulita, in my little bungalow of Victor's for a year. I swam often, ran Rosie on the beach, ate fish tacos at Mark Alberto's Sayulita Fish Taco and ceviche at El Bicho, and had fun. What a sweet life. The heat was something else, tho. . .they weren't kidding, it was oppressive and it lasted for 6 months!

The summer of 2007 started with my old dog Rosie acting strange. She was lethargic, off her food, and obviously not doing well. As I searched for a good vet in PV, some friends in Ajijic invited me to come up for a visit and escape the heat. By this time I had been pulling about 30 ticks a day off Rosie and applying 3 different tick and flea medicines. Finally I decided to head back up to the lake to see friends and take Rosie to her good vet Dr. Antonio. She was looking pretty bad.

Dr. Antonio diagnosed a tick borne disease called Ehrlichiosis and we started treatment. At the same time, Jim and Candace called and said they were moving to the south shore and would I like to take over their wonderful house and garden in Jocotepec. Would I??? YES!!! Two bedroom, 2 bath, open living room, patio, BBQ, lavanderia, big kitchen, close to el centro, garage, securely walled and gated, yard and big garden for Rosie - who was now healthy again, 13 fruit trees, and too many flowers to name. Also inherited a wonderful dueña Ana Maria, and Tere my housekeeper. Lucky me!

So, with movers in tow, I headed back to the beach and packed up my stuff and returned to the lake, my friends, Super Lake food emporium, my support group, and the best climate in the world.

Jocotepec Malecón and fiesta boat.

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