Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ROAD TRIP Tlaquepaque Tonalá - say that three times fast! 2005 June 2009

Most of the artisánia available in this part of Mexico is made in Tonalá or Tlaquepaque, two towns on the east side of Guadalajara. For the most part, Tonalá is where the factories and kilns and artists are and Tlaquepaque boasts the beautiful shops that sell the wares. The prices are better in Tonalá but the shopping in Tlaquepaque is glamorous and the restaurants are superb and a visit to Tlaquepaque is a fine way to spend a day.

I decided to explore some of the factories. I visited glass blowers, fine ceramicists, and paper maché artists. My favorite were the paper maché animals.

It all starts with the sheets of wet recycled newspaper that this young man is taking out of the molds, and is now paper maché.
The sheets of paper maché are then pressed into molds of animals, saints, and other designs.

This particular design was just extracted from it's mold.

Here it awaits having it's colors mixed by the maestra.

The next step for the designs is the paint job. Some of these artists are truly remarkable and I was told this man has been painting here for 40 years. He said he is allowed to paint as he sees fit, it is his work of art and each one is a different.

Some of the recently painted designs drying between stages.

The final drying and storing room. What fun!

This is the gift shop where people can go to buy the paper maché art.

All this and muzak too!!!

. . .tho somewhat filtered. . .

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