Thursday, July 30, 2009

Uh Oh. This is not good. July 2009

I awoke this morning to an odd hacking noise that sounded like it was coming from the empty lot next door. I did what I usually do when I first detect the possibly of bad news - I ignored it.

Much later, after it started up again, I knew it was clearly coming from next door and it now sounded like someone was hacking away at my brick wall! I put on my most authoritative aloha shirt and marched right over there to see what was going on. After all, since I was the only one with the key to the gate, how could they have possibly gotten in? Wrong!

Not only were they in but 'they' were a team of men hacking and hewing the lot to shreds with their machetes.

"Qué tal, señor!" I hollered.
He kindly came and explained to me that they were working for the dueña (also MY dueña - who, for some reason, had neglected to remember to inform me of this) and they were clearing the land. I asked him if after they cleared the lot they would then cart the drying weeds elsewhere so the neighborhood hoodlums wouldn't be tempted to light it afire again this year and jeopardize my propane tank, house, and life again. That is when I heard the dreaded word "construcción".

"Whoa, construction?" I asked.

"Si, señora, he said, they are going to build".

"Una casa.

Oh well. What can you do. I've spent my whole life trying to stay one step ahead of the bulldozers. More on 'Progress' later.

Could be worse. . .Claire is fighting the municipality of Jocotepec who wants to put a bypass highway in above our village and turn her front yard into an on-ramp. Larry is enduring the construction of an Eventos party place next door. Other friends are going to be living about 400 feet from this new highway up on the hill where they've built their dream compound. Jonnie is fighting the Chapala municipality who has elected to turn their heads while a land grabber steals her lake-front beach property and turns it into a marina!

Could be worse. . .and most importantly. . .I can always move!

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