Monday, July 27, 2009

MT Update July 2009



Tomorrow I will be writing the first of a series of Favorites. Favorites will pop up from time to time in order to introduce you to some of the really great and interesting people, places, and things here in the 'hood. This time we will start with Favorite People. Tune back in to see who the first Favorite People turns out to be. Maybe it will be you. . .

Thank you again to the people who email and comment on the blog, it is much appreciated and you are a source of inspiration.

let me know if you have questions or something you'd like me to write about, I'm always on the hunt for good stories and will be happy to look into your suggestions. I'm open to all ideas, just leave a note in the comments section and I'll respond back.

Gracias y que le vaya bien.



  1. Oh, Marilyn, how I've enjoyed reading your stories and visitng your great blog.

    It's nice for me to know all the good works being done on your side of the lake. The gift of watches to the blind was incredible.


    Elena Cooper

  2. Gracias, Elena, muy amable. Speaking of good works, maybe I can come out and do a story on your good works some day???